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Welcome to Tasha's Facilitating Change blog

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

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As I shift over to this new website, I am also embarking on new adventures in connecting :-). My new blog is the first piece of that.

The blog will take the place of both the Perspectives and Different Angles eNewsletters, to which many of you have been subscribed. In it, I will share stories, questions, learnings, frameworks and tools that build our capacity to change, and our ability to support change in our relationships, teams, and organizations.

Each time a new post lands, you will get an email notification that includes a bit of the post with a link to the website to read the rest, along with any updates on offerings or other news :-). (You will also get additional emails about upcoming workshops and other new offerings when I create them.)

You are very much invited to respond to these posts to spark interaction around the ideas and tools! I’ll respond to comments and I hope that you will share your experiences, perspectives, questions and insights because we all learn more from collective dialogue.

In the previous iteration of the eNewsletters, I usually separated writing focused on individual and relationship coaching from writing focused on my work with organizations. I am rethinking that.

I am increasingly experiencing my work across these two arenas as so connected that those distinctions are not particularly useful. After all, organizations are made up of people and relationships, and all of us are part of various organizations.

I hope you will find that many of the articles contain stories, learnings and tools that feel useful and resonant, even if they are focused on folks who are “not you” :-).

And, I will label blog posts, so you'll be able to sort by categories and find the posts that feel most relevant to you at any given time.

Want Specific Kinds of Notifications?

If you are receiving this email, you are on my “eNewsletter” (now blog) list.

I will include some information about upcoming offerings in the blog, but if you want to be sure to receive announcements about offerings of workshops, coaching groups, or affinity groups and you have not already made that request, please click on those options on the Subscribe form at the bottom of the Home page to be added to those lists.

If someone forwarded this to you and you want to sign up to receive these emails please go to that same subscribe form to sign up for the blog/eNewsletter notifications.

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Suggestions for Social Media?

As part of expanding my communication, I will also be doing more posting on LinkedIn and likely 1 or 2 other social media sites as I get rolling.

I’d love to hear what your favorite places on social media are to get content like mine - you can email me, or add a comment below!

Upcoming Offerings

This fall I will be offering:

  • A 6-8 session coaching group on Getting Unstuck

  • My 4 session Running Meetings That Work training, which focuses on tools for increasing useful engagement, effective decision-making, and navigating difficult meeting behaviors

Interested? Sign up to get priority access.

I’m still working out formalizing this system, so for now, just send me an email saying which offering(s) you’re interested in and I’ll add you to the list to get an email as soon as I’ve nailed down the details, and before I announce it more broadly.

The first real blog post should be out in the next couple of weeks. I look forward to connecting with you all in this new format.


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1 Comment

jenny leis
Jul 24, 2023

go tasha! :)

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