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Coaching with Individuals

(Life Coaching)

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Are you reaching for some kind of transformation - in your life, your work, your creative process, your political work, or a relationship?


Whether you are clear about what you want to be different, or just clear that something needs to change, coaching can help you move through the process of identifying and letting go of what's in your way, getting a clearer, more useful sense of what you want, and developing new frameworks, tools and structures that will get you there.

If you want to reconnect to the parts of you that you've been operating without, move through fears and old self-protective strategies that are in your way, and move into deeper alignment and step into your gifts in ways that make being who you want to be in the world more possible, I would love to work with you.

If you are aware that cultural norms and forces  - perfectionism, either/or thinking, ableism, white supremacy, heteropatriarchy, etc. - are shaping your experience and responses in ways you want to release or transform, or if you are wondering if they are, I am on that journey too, and would love to bring those questions and frameworks into our coaching.

Tasha combines a deeply human perspective, practical-life knowledge and natural intuition to get to the heart of the matter. She helps you uncover the true forces driving your responses in a supportive environment. By providing tools and clear guidance, Tasha helps you shift your thinking – and subsequent actions – in new, constructive directions.  


~KF in Portland

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Who I Work With Most

  • People in major transitions, whether those arise from external forces, or internal ones.

  • People who are asking deep questions about who they are, or who they want to become, and who are feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, frustrated, or just confused about how to answer those questions and move forward.

  • People who are struggling in their relationship(s), feeling like they are not communicating well, not feeling understood, wondering if they can - or want to - stay in the relationship, or just wanting their relationships  to feel healthier.

  • Existing and emerging leaders who want support in their leadership development and their work with their teams (drawing on my many years as an executive director, and as an organizational development consultant).

  • Other white folks who want to learn about and heal around white supremacy so we can better recognize and deconstruct white privilege and be better anti-racist co-conspirators for BIPOC, as well as folks who want support identifying the other ways that our identities shape our experience, and to find ways to deconstruct the harmful stories often attached to them.

I welcome people of all gender/sexual identities and preferences. I am also happy to coach people in poly-relationships.

My approach to this work is informed by my own somatic (body-based) practices, my study of the neurology of trauma and healing, and an analysis of the ways our cultures, families and identities shapes our experiences and responses.

You will find more about my training and experience in the About section

The Commitment and Cost

Coaching processes range in length from three months to a year or more. The process generally begins with meeting 2-3 times per month for three months.

I do most coaching by phone or Zoom.

I do this work on a sliding scale.

You will find more about all of this on the Cost and Commitment page.

If you are doing executive coaching as part of a larger project with your organization or team coaching, please see the cost information in the the With Organizations section.


Curious? Try it out.

The way to know if what I bring is a good match for where you are and what you want is to try it, so I offer a free half hour consultation in which we talk about what you are wanting and what I bring, and do 15-20 minutes of coaching so we can see if it feels like a good match. If you are interested, please contact me.

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