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Relationship Coaching

Two people holding hands, outside with lake and orange and white flowers
Image of two people holding hands, outside with lake and orange and white flowers

Humans need relationships to thrive, but relating to other humans is also difficult. Sometimes when we hit relationship challenges and don't have the support or tools we need things can spiral, pulling us into patterns that reinforce the hard parts rather than helping us find a path through them to something better.

Want help interrupting the spiral, sorting out what needs to change, and finding new ways to relate to each other? I would love to explore with you how I can support you in that process.

Relationship coaching creates a supportive, reflective container where you can:

  • Reach together for a deeper understanding of what's hard in your relationship,

  • Identify what you want to change, and

  • Learn frameworks and tools you can use individually and together to help shift patterns that are not useful or desirable, and create something better.


What Sorts of Relationships Do I Coach?

While most of the relationships I coach are between people who are in long-term intimate relationships, I am also happy to coach siblings, parent-child relationships, co-parents who are no longer couples in that other sense, friendships -- any relationship in which people are wanting to be strongly committed to each other over the long haul. (If you are interested in my work with teams in work settings, please see the section on Executive and Team Coaching.)


I welcome people and relationships of all gender/sexual identity combinations. I am also happy to coach poly-relationships.

"Through coaching, we learned how to become less triggered and reactive with each other, making it possible for us to see, hear, and engage with each other with compassion, curiosity, and resilience. Thank you, Tasha, for sharing your remarkable gifts and helping us grow as individuals and as a couple."

~Aurora del Val

Want help thinking about whether relationship coaching with me is a good fit for you?

In this document, I answer the questions:

  • How Do I Know If Relationship Coaching Would Be Useful?

  • What is Relationship Coaching?

  • What Happens in Relationship Coaching?

  • What Could Change?

My approach to this work is informed by my own somatic (body-based) practices, my study of the neurology of trauma and healing, and an analysis of the ways our cultures, families and identities shapes our experiences and responses.

You will find more about my training and experience in the About section

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The Cost and Commitment

Coaching processes range in length from three months to a year or more. The process generally begins with meeting 2-3 times per month for three months. Long-term processes usually become less intensive over time.

I do most relationship coaching Zoom.

I do this work on a sliding scale.

You will find more  information on the cost and commitment page.

Try it out

The way to know if what I bring is a good match for where you are and what you want is to try it, so I offer a free half hour consultation in which we talk about what you are wanting and what I bring, and do 15-20 minutes of coaching so we can see if it feels like a good match.


If you are interested, please contact me.

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