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Five people in a close circle talking
Image of five people in a close circle talking

Capacity-Building Focused Facilitation


I work with groups to co-design and facilitate meetings, retreats, and processes. My dual focus is to help you get the work done while building the capacity of the group and the people in the group.



My approach to facilitation is rooted in, and focused on:

  • Collaborative meeting and process design -- I bring many tools and deep experience in creating processes where good work can happen. You bring deep knowledge of your group and what it needs. We work together to create what's needed.

  • Nurturing respect and trust, accountability and empowerment though design and in-the-moment facilitation and capacity-building

  • Building commitment and capacity for intentional change

  • Helping groups identify, develop a common understanding of, and collaboratively work through, challenges, and imagine new and useful possibilities

  • Effective decision-making and delegation, and systems of reflection and generous accountability--so that what you decide leads to useful actions and those actions lead to useful learning

  • Development of leadership capacity and skills in the group as a whole, recognizing that leadership can happen in many ways, and from many roles

  • Building the group's capacity to nurture equity, inclusion and belonging


You will find more about my training and experience in the About section.

For information about my sliding scale, please see Cost.

If you want to talk about what I might bring to your group, please reach out; I love those conversations. You can use the contact me form below, or call 503-788-2333.

Tasha is great at bringing a community with various strengths and perspectives together to identify shared goals and pathways to success. She creates and maintains a productive environment for all partners to share their concerns and challenges, and is adept at holding a group together through conflict and into resolution.

~Linda Colwell, eat.think.grow

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What People Say

Tasha is extremely intuitive and we felt that in a very short time she understood our dynamics and concerns. With her guidance, and with tools she provided, we were able to craft a workable plan of action


~Roberta Hellman, Kol Shalom

You invited the great wisdom of the group, helping us to live into being community and leaders in a profound way.

~ Melissa Reed, Leaven Community

It was a difficult situation with many different players that came from several directions. It was Tasha's ability to bring us together that made all feel included and heard.

~ Tammy Barton, Principal, Abernethy Elementary School, PPS

Tasha helped guide us through a difficult transition between Executive Directors. She was pragmatic and efficient at completing day-to-day tasks, while also visionary and holistic in posing strategic questions that enabled us to make the right choice for our next hire. Her skillful use of consensus decision-making was critical to her success with our organization.

~Lisa Byers, Board Chair, National Community Land Trust Network

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