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Coaching-Based Workshops

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I offer a variety of workshops, through Portland Community College's Community Education division, at conferences, on my own, and for groups by invitation.


I am offering workshops primarily online, using Zoom and Mural, my favorite online whiteboard that allows for fun and useful real-time collaboration and visual exploration.


You'll find information about any publicly-offered workshops I'm doing in the near future on the offerings page. You can also sign up to be notified when such workshops are happening at the bottom of that page.

Some workshops I regularly offer include:

  • Tools for Getting Unstuck

  • Creative Problem Solving

  • Taming Your Inner Critic

  • Moving from Complaints to Collaboration

  • Building Mutual Respect and Trust

  • Meeting Facilitation Skills (basic and intermediate)

“It was fun and you gave me tools I can use every day”

“This workshop has changed how I think about my life”

Create Your Own Workshop


If you and six (or more) other people would like a workshop, in your home or workplace, or if your group would like a workshop at an event, I'd love to talk to you. I offer many different workshops in a variety of formats and lengths.


The person who hosts gets to come for free.  Costs vary depending on the length of the workshop and the size of the group. Contact me if you are interested in exploring this.

I also provide workshops and training specifically designed for organizations. You'll find information on training for organizations on the With Organizations page.

two groups of four people talking in close circles
Image of two groups of four people talking in close circles

Want a taste of what a workshop with me is like? 


You can listen to podcasts of the one-hour workshops I have offered as part of the Multnomah County Library's Lunch and Learn series:

Questions? Requests?

If you have questions about workshops, or if you want to host a workshop or be put on a waiting list for when a workshop forms, please contact me.

I welcome people and relationships of all gender/sexual identity combinations. 

My approach to this work is informed by my own somatic (body-based) practices, my study of the neurology of trauma and healing, and an analysis of the ways our cultures, families and identities shapes our experiences and responses.

You will find more about my training and experience in the About section

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