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Sometimes change is easy.


Other times, it can be hard to even identify what’s preventing us from making the changes we want, much less figure out what will help us make the shifts.

Let me help.

Judgment, blame and shame are not helpful in creating change.


Curiosity is.


I help people and groups, in personal and professional contexts:

  • See the patterns and barriers that are preventing change, 

  • Clearly identify what they want and actions to take to move toward what they want, and 

  • Move from overwhelm, frustration, and defensiveness to curiosity and growth.

Curious about what that looks like?

I invite you to explore the website, or just reach out for a conversation.

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If you are an individual, wanting help with your own changes, or changes in a relationship, in your personal life, or at work, explore the pages under Coaching and Offerings on the menu.

I'm delighted to work with queer, trans, and poly folks (as well as folks who don't identify in these ways).

"Tasha’s support has made us more resourceful listeners and collaborators in our partnership, as well as in other relationships with family, friends and colleagues."

Aurora del Val


If you want help with your organization, explore the pages under Organizations and Offerings on the menu.

"You invited the great wisdom of the group, helping us to live into being community and leaders in a profound way."

Melissa Reed, Leaven Community

Facilitators and Consultants

If you are interested in flexible, collaborative, quickly available support in your work, please go to thought-partnering on the menu.

“Tasha was an invaluable thought partner for me. My client benefited from my having had Tasha’s help reflecting on their situation and strengths, and co-creating with her an agenda to support their decision-making conversation."

Allison Handler, Principal

Workshops and Other Trainings

I offer a variety of workshops, through Portland Community College's Community Education division, at conferences, on my own, and for groups by invitation.

Some workshops I regularly offer include:

  • Tools for Getting Unstuck

  • Creative Problem Solving

  • Taming Your Inner Critic

  • Moving from Complaints to Collaboration

  • Building Mutual Respect and Trust

  • Meeting Facilitation Skills (basic and intermediate)

"Gives you tangible tools to use on your own. Tasha is really great!"

"A very different way of viewing and dealing with difficulties. It was rewarding and had very good results."

"This workshop has changed how I think about my life."

Tree Canopy 2.jpg


“I feel more ready for change and growth than I have for a while—like I am on a good track.”

From a workshop evaluation


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