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You Don't Have to Rush to Catch the Stillness Train

In my last blog post, I wrote about softening into change.

For me, stillness is often a pathway to softening.

Creating a pause can create an invitation to shift into calm, and from there, into curiosity.

Paraphrasing Eric Klein: stillness helps to center us, ground us, give us the space to reflect and choose what we want rather than just reacting.

But it's hard to be still; it becomes one more “thing” we are supposed to “do.”

We feel like we can't take the time, and even when we do, thoughts chase each other around in our heads and make stillness feel unattainable.

And yet…

Quoting now from Eric (line breaks mine):

The stillness is truly ever-present. It's your attunement that wanders. And your openness that contracts.

Fortunately, you don't have to rush to catch the stillness train. Stillness is here, now, surrounding and interpenetrating every level of your being, right now, as you read these words.

Feel the stillness even as you read. Notice what it's like to read and simultaneously connect to that deep stillness.

This is an invitation to practice touching into that stillness in this winter season.

It helps to create a structure. But it doesn’t matter whether it’s big or small.

It can be a three-day silent retreat, a solo walk in the woods, an hour with your journal, or three deep breaths after doing the silver rain mediation.

I invite you to try creating situations where you can “connect to that deep stillness” that is always inside you.

Let it ground you.

Let it give you the space in which to soften,

to choose how you want to be in whatever is happening,

to decide what action, or inaction, feels right in this moment.

I’d love to hear what emerges for you if you do – whether it’s calm, insights, gentle movement, or struggles that I might be able to address in future posts.

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1 Comment

Brandy Barnett
Brandy Barnett
Dec 06, 2023

Great reminder to take time this season to embrace the stillness and peace that has been waiting for us all along. Would like to read more from E. Klein, but it looks like that's a pretty common name, and I'm getting search results for different people. Would you mind sharing her website plz?

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